Marking & Tracking System

We have listened to feedback from CSSD departments all over the world who are already using our WhiteReader®.
This has enabled us to create our StarterKit® offer.

The marking technology
adapted to sterilisation constraints

Our micro-percussion technology is optimized to create Datamatrix:

  • Small and precise, up to 1mm*1mm dimension for 14 characters.
  • A maintenance in DIY format!
  • Regardless the instrument shape, colour, brightness or curvature!
  • Permanent and corrosion resistant.

« Compact, lightweight and simple »,
LaserMark® is a marking machine as an office printer

The fast USB connection installation enables to start working after a few minutes!

Thanks to advanced technologies, StarterKit® is recognized for its effectiveness and its short and long-term profitability. Instrument traceability can easily start according to your needs for optimum implementation of UDI regulation in your facility.

Starterkit Products - WhiteReader and LaserMark

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