Optimize your surgical tray management


Thanks to a patented technology « EasyIDm alorithm » , AnciTrak® identifies and ensures the tracking of all types of reusable medical devices (with or without DataMatrix) according to its physical characteristics.

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0 millions
instruments safely identified and tracked each year

Save up to

by year

with around

productivity savings in database creation


productivity savings in reassembly


Ancitrak is a very interesting and useful tool to implement in our daily sterilization practice. Notably, by improving surgical instruments traceability, innovative technologies are needed to really enhance patient’s safety.

Christine Denis,
President of WFHSS,

Ancitrak device

Optimize your surgical trays management

AnciTrak® is a traceability workstation that helps operators in surgical sets reassembly to identify and track surgical instruments with or without DataMatrix and validate their positionning in the set.

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Ancitrak device
Surgical Devices Engraved

Smart DataMatrix reader
for surgical instruments

The WhiteReader® is a DataMatrix code reader, specifically designed to read engraved codes on surgical instruments, as part of sterilization in hospitals

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Ancitrak device
Ancitrak device

Sterile supply management
& traceability software

ZenBloc® records in real-time all information in the CSSD from a patient profile to a specific instruments. ZenBloc has an integrated management module which provides a framework, an ability to monitor the consumption and activity of the sterilization service.

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