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Discover how to make the communication
between vendor and hospital
safer and smoother.

Ancitrak 2 by ATH Medical

Ancitrak® secures the reception of the loan sets at the vendor’s premises, avoiding missing instruments.

Enjoy its innovative features and seamless order processing at its every step.

When the processes are digitalised
it eliminates the human error factor and increase accuracy and safety.

It also saves a huge amount of time,
increases efficiency, productivity
and lower costs.

Securing critical steps in loan set workflows with respect to security and productivity

Digitalizing the workflow of loan set data between the OR, CSSD, and the pharmacy

  • Order/ Reservation Report
  • Sanitary Report
  • Reception Report (Inventory Form)
  • Contradictory Inventory
  • Re-assembly Report
  • Contradictory Inventory (Way out)
  • Linking a specific/lost instrument to a tray or set

The integration of AnciTrak to improve the workflow between hospital & vendor.

imrove workflow between hospital and vendor

Discover how we secure & facilitate
loan sets management