Loan set management

Managing the instruments supply chain for loan sets is a very complex and complicated task.
Ancitrak® secures all critical steps in loan set workflows, with respect to security and productivity.

Facilitating the communication between hospitals and vendors

  • Ancitrak computerizes order flows and management reports
  • Ease the relationship via a formal order
  • Avoid all internal conflicts (CSSD & OR) due to miscommunication in order processes between hospitals and vendors

Digitalizing the entire workflow of loan set data between the OR and CSSD

  • Global overview for each department (CSSD & OR) of real-time loan set statuses in hospitals
  • Formalize all steps of loan set processing by editing reports and inventories
  • Capture and record loan set data into an IT system, allowing easy access to historical information

Creating a database of all loan sets from different suppliers

  • Manage an in-house database
  • One-step creation: take detailed pictures of all sets and instruments, as well as the location of each single instrument in the set
  • Create a uniform and knit printable booklet of hospital sets and instrumentation (useful in terms of degrading procedures)

Helping operators during re-assembly processes

  • Avoid internal conflicts between OR & CSSD due the compliance of the tray’s content
  • Physical recognition (EasyID) to assemble complex and unknown instruments
  • Linking a specific/ lost instrument to a tray or a kit

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