Surgical trays management

Ancitrak® creates a detailed database of all in-house instruments and accurately localizes them in the respective operating trays.
Ancitrak® helps to manage instruments’ databases as a first step to implementing UDI.

Creating full, picturized and detailed database

  • Manage an in-house database, the first step in implementing UDI
  • Sped-up database creation to be implemented in tracking software
  • Substitute for an assembly process
  • Create a uniform and knit printable booklet of hospital sets and instrumentation (useful in terms of degrading procedures)

Helping operators during re-assembly processes (HD pictures, physical recognition, localization of instruments into the set) – could be connected to a Data Matrix reader

  • Sharing maintenance data of instrumentation with the sterilization software

Ability to share maintenance information (only for hospitals without a traceability system)

  • Training system (re-assembly & knowledge of the instrumentation) for CSSD staff

Surgical tray data flow within the hospital.

Surgical Trays Management by Ath Medical