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ZenBloc®, has been designed to help operators in gathering and tracking information of medical devices into the sterilization process.

Why using this software ?

  • To create strong binders between the sterile medical device, the surgeries and the patient
  • To track medical devices from the Operating Room to the Center of Sterilization
  • To reduce risks of human error
  • To monitor the flow of set-reassembly and tracking surgical devices
  • To Simplify the storage and the information seeking

ZenBloc® ensures a full traceability at each step of the sterilization cycle.

Full traceability at each step of the sterilization cycle

ZenBloc® User Interface

Log in page via user barcode scan

A well-designed interface to facilitate its use

Surgical trays & Medical device tracking monitoring

ZenBloc® a multifaceted software

ZenBloc® proactively manages CSSD equipment, inventory and staff:

  • Real-time information available throughout the hospital to make the right decision at the right time.
  • Loaner and multi-facility instrument and tray tracking.
  • Key performance indicators to make strategic decisions for your department clear and simple.
  • Fit with any equipments from sterilizers, washing machines, or tracking systems such as Ancitrak® & WhiteReader®